Thursday, 27 September 2012

Useful techniques

Thought I do a post on some useful techniques I learnt early on.  These are techniques that I continuely use when making bags.  Some of them are quite simple but can be expanded on and/or combined with other techniques to produce a more complicated product.  (And yes I used the word technique to much in that paragraph.. was no help!)

 As mentioned one of the first things I made was this card holder.


Followig this tutorial, it is quite easy to make.  (And the poster who came up with that method is brillant!) Once you can make this you can make it bigger and add a removable strap.  Tada! You have a clutch/wristlet!
Add a crossbody strap and you get a easy messager bag!  Add a zippered pocket to the lining or back of the outside and there's one functional little purse.  
And zippered pockets is another one of those useful techniques.  I use them in every single bag I make.  Always one in the inside of the bag and sometimes on the outside. 
 There are a lot of tutorials online and I can't remember which one I first used, so I'll just link to this one which follows the same procedure that I used when I first started.    A few tips
  • stitch the tail ends together as in the 3rd step
  • use interfacing behind the zipper, it makes it easier to get a nice clean opening
  • iron down the rectangular opening
I would try to skip these steps but learnt that I'd have an easier time if I did them.and end up with a neater end result.

I'll continue with a few other techniques in my next post. 
And here's a linky link to credit the blog I referenced above:

Emmaline Bags & Patterns


  1. Thanks for linking up to Tips & Tricks Tuesdays! I absolutely LOVE all of your bags and bag-making tips; you make it look soooo easy! :D
    (Still think you should be opening a store.... tee hee!)

  2. Another beautiful post, thanks for all the tips and links that you have given us. I love the way you explain the techniques, everything seems so easy when it's so well explained. I'll save all links for future reference, thank you again. Marisa-


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