Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A few favourite bag features

So I think it's established that I like making purses. I also like buying purses as many other ladies do. However my collection is modest. There are certain types of bags that I'm drawn to, here are a few.

Shape wise I like the bowling bag shape and have for a while now. Like this shape:

See I like it so much I made it part of my logo

I have bought a couple bags with this shape and have also made a few:

Created my own pattern for this based on a store bought bagOut of print McCalls pattern 3136
I am sure I'll be making more of this style.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to do the bottom corners of this style.

The other thing that catches my eye in a bag is quilted material.  I really like Lug bags, for many reasons, one is their use of quilted fabric.   I have this bag in two sizes.  Notice the shape is similiar to a bowling bag.

Lug Puddlejumper
Everytime I see a quilted fabric, I try and imagine if/how it can become a bag.  (And some of that fabric has made it's way into my stash.)

The third thing I love in a bag is compartments.  Not just pockets, but when the bag's exterior is divided into sections.  Like this one.

Nine West bag with 3 compartments
I'm hoping to figure out how to make some variation of this.. maybe with a quilted material and bowling bag shape.. or maybe not..

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