Saturday, 20 October 2012


As I near one month of blogging, I realize what a timesuck a blog can be. Yesterday my plan was to do some housekeeping after work (I work very flexible part-time hours).

What did I do you ask?

 I re-organized my Finished Project page (thanks to a suggestion from the lovely voice behind Sew Fearless ). 

Then I setup a Facebook page and added some links from the blog to it.

I also registered and setup the domain name!

Somewhere  between there my son and I made some orange chocolate patties (Sidetrack - supposed to be mint chocoalate patties, but I only had orange extract).

Both  the Facebook and domain name setup took quite a bit of time as I had google and research how to do certain things.  So yeah, housework was neglected.  Ah well, I'll catch up next week.. hopefully.. I have a feeling halloween costumes will take priority.

And I'm still figuring out this Facebook thing.  I really created the facebook page so I can use that to "like" other blogs instead of using my personal profile.  I'll probably share my posts on the page, but I've noticed the excerpt it takes is from the comments.  So I've got to figure out the fix for that... after I wrap my head around how to convert a metre of orange fleece into this guy..

Dinosaur Train - InterAction Buddy


  1. It's easy to lose lots of time blogging and online!!! If you figure out how to not show the comments as the excerpt on Facebook, I'd love to know.

    1. Pam, I found this article and followed solution 3. in the 3rd part.. ie updating the template code. It seems to have worked for my neweset post that I shared after making the change, all posts I shared before are still pulling comments.

  2. Housework will always be waiting, and even when you've done it all within half hour there'll be something else. :)


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