Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wacky Hat

I made this hat back in July. My son's school had "Wacky Hat Day". He loves the colours orange and yellow and recently got obessessed with the movie Cars.  I thought I would share as it goes with the current halloween season full of carmel corn goodness. It's bit crushed from being thrown in the back of the closet.

It was very simple to make..

After measuring his head I cut a circle for the top and two rings for the bottom with the hole the same circumference.

Sew the two rings together along the outer circle, right sides together.  Clip seam and turn right side, press

Cut 3 strips of orange, white and yellow flannel where the length was equal to the circumference of the top circle plus seam allowance.  Sewed the strips together to get a recangle. 

Ironed on some double sided heat and bond (photo below) to my Cars fabric. (I actually used recieving blankets that had traffic signs).  Cut the shapes out and then fused again to the retangular piece. 

I used some heavy weight iron fusible interfacing on the back of the rectangle and then sewed the short ends together to make a column. 

Sewed the column to the circle  and then to the inside part of the ring.

My sewing was no where near pefect but it was good enough for a day at school.. My soon loooooved it and refused to take it off..

And here's one more shot (taken by my son) with a model:

ETA I woke the day after I posted realizing I forgot a few details.  I have modified my post a bit, but here is a tutorial for much better steps.  I didn't use it, but basically the same thing.

Aaand my Diaper Bag with removable clutch was featured

I love Mine for the Making's Thursday linky party as it's focus is fashion items. Check it out.


  1. Hello I just discovered your blog while I was visiting Maria's blog (Mia's Creations) I love your projects and I find your blog very interesting. Today you have a new follower, I have to admit that I signed twice, because I want to follow you by mail also. Would give me great pleasure that you visited my blog, this is the link,

    Another thing, the hat you've done for your son is beauuuuutiful, thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Hi Marisa, thanks for your kind words! I have dropped by your blog and will be back to browse around a bit more!

  3. Great job on the hat - love your use of colors!!!


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