Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Work in Progress - Diaper Bag

In my last post, I mentioned the diaper bag I was working on. Here's what I have done so far:

Yup, I have a lot to do..  I  created the pattern, cut out the exterior piece and have started to piece it together. 
What you see above one gusset and the front. That gusset pocket came out larger than I thought so I'm thinking I'll have to add a snap.  I'm thinking of adding a small zipper pocket above the gusset pocket. 
On the front is a removable clutch.  It's meant for either mommy stuff or diaper changing supplies that can be quickly grabbed off the big bag. 
The back will have a pocket for the change pad and a zippered pocket above it.
The main thing I did today was make the bag handles.  Doesn't seem like much right?  But when you're fighting with your machine to go through 4 layers of faux leather every little thing can take a long time.  Here's the results.. 
I'd like to think I won the battle with the sewing machine, because well, they are usable!  I followed a great tutorial on Emmaline bags.  Usually when I use rings, I have ugly strap ends folded around the rings that are  visible.  Her technique results in a much neater handle.  One thing I didn't do was sew across the strap as she instructs, as my machine was giving too much trouble. I will add some rivets to secure them a bit more.  
So lots more for me to do.. I did even mention the lining yet..  I suppose I should have cut out the lining fabric, but I needed a break from cutting the exterior. The basics of the bag is simple, it's all the bells and whistles aka pockets that make this a challenging project. 
Anyway the bag should be complete by mid next week.  I was hoping for this Friday but yeah, don't know if that will happen.
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  1. wow, this is something else! It's looking terrific! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday this week where I've enjoyed guest-hosting!


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