Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bag Blog Events

I was browsing around today and come across a couple Bag Blog events going on.

Participants of the Long Weekend Blog Hop are sewing Amy Butler's Weekender Bag.  I've never made this pattern but I do really like the look of the bag and have read quite a few blog posts about it.  It seems to be a challenging bag but with a great result.  Check out some of the particpants to oogle some bags.

Mommy’s Nap Time
This upcoming event is all about Pouches! Hopefuly I'll have some time to take part by making a pouch or two.. The flickr pool is already open, so I'm going to start with my magentic top pouch.
I love these kind of events. I'm new to them, so if you know of anymore bag related events going now or in the future let me know!

And a quick shout out to
Pincushion Creations
for featuring the magnetic top pouch!


  1. Nissa, you'll love this blog site then, it's totally full of free tutorials and patterns for bags, pouches and purses :)

    Unless this comment gets picked up as spam in which case it was a good sentiment lol!

  2. Thanks Samantha! I have seen that it!

  3. I tried to respond to your e-mail regarding featuring your amazing tape measure pouch at our Thanksgiving Treats and Fall Fun Party but, alas, you came up a no-reply blogger! :(

    Have an amazing day!



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