Monday, 19 November 2012

Hobo bucket bag

Here is my latest bag. As mentioned before it is for my assignment to a online class I am taking. Although the class is a "work on your own timeline" deal, I really wanted to complete the bag by early November, so I could concentrate on getting ready for the holidays. Sick with the flu for a couple weeks, I was delayed a bit. 

I was aiming for a hobo bucket bag..  I ended up with a slouchy hobo bucket bag.. close enough I think.

Comparing the photo above and below, you can see how the top slouches when the bag is hung.

The front has a zipper pocket and two large slip pockets that wrap around the sides. I had installed the zipper pocket first and then sewed down the middle of the open pocket to make it into two.. Of course while doing this I also sewed down the middle of the zipper pocket.

Luckily, it wasn't too bad to rip out those stitches and then resew over the holes in the faux leather.  Good lesson to check things like that.. Doubt I'll remember for next time though!

The back has just one large pocket that has a magnetic snap closure.



The bag has a zipper closure that I puzzled over for a while.  Happy that it turned out ok.

Sewing the bottom to the sides was the most challenging part. The pockets were sewed into the seams to I had multiple layers of fabric to sew on to the oval bottom.. Far, far, from perfect.. a few puckers and gathers. 
I ran out of steam when doing the lining.. Just one zipper pocket, which you can't see in the photo.. It's there, trust me.  :)
 I am very happy with how it turned out.  midway through I was sure I wouldn't like the end result and lost a bit of motivation.. however it came out quite nice with a few flaws here and there.
I think this will likely be my last bag making endeavour for 2012. <sad face>  I have a lot of Holiday crafting and baking (and shopping and wrapping) to do.  My mind is already working on my next bag though. And I'm hoping to find some time for some pouches for the Happy Little Pouch Hop
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  1. Nissa, this Hobo bucket bag is beautiful. You did a remarkable job, I love it. It is something that you should be proud to show it and say, I made it!
    Honestly, you did a nice job! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am your newest follower. I found you from Maria's blog (Mia's Creations). I too am a bag addict/junkie/bag lady, or whatever you want to call it. What is it about bags that we got to have and make and give as gifts and use a lot ourselves? Maybe it's the eternal search for the one perfect bag? Does it exist? Probably not and if it did I would want one in every color and pattern, so I still would have a ton of bags!

  3. Great bag, I love how the top slouches when you wear it! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  4. A fabulous bag!!! I love the shape, the fabric and all those pockets!!! We'd all be lost without our trusty seam rippers... LOL!!!

  5. Is there a pattern I could buy for this bag? Its EXACTLY what I have been looking for to use some beautiful green leather on for spring time!

  6. Very nice job....a bit like my Snazzy Slouch! :) I love your fabric choices.....and very neat work too! :)
    ChrisW Designs


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