Sunday, 30 December 2012

Deconstructing and Reconstructing a bag

Hoping everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far! As usual it is a busy time for us with a lot of visiting and parties. I guess you can't complain about that!

I have a quick project to share. I found this interesting store bought bag. What was interesting about this purse is it had a removable middle divider that when detached was a complete separate crossbody style bag.

Now, I  loved the main bag but wasn't thrilled with the second inside purse. It was a laminated fabric I didn't like and a bit bulky when it was attached as a divider since it had a flat bottom.  So of course I think to myself, I can remake it.. and I did..   I wanted to reuse parts of the store bought bag so I deconstructed it with my trusted seam ripper.

Here's a pic of the original interior bag.   It has a zipper top that I had already started to open up.

My main goal was to save the straps.  To do this I had to seperate the lining and the outside of the bag.  I opened up the stitches across the zipper.

Then turned it inside out to get to the seams that held the straps in place.  I was amused to find that a few staples were used to secure the straps! 
Once those straps were released I was done with the original bag.  I was thinking of reusing the lining but it decided not to in the end.
I then made a simple bag - really simple, two rectangles sewn together, with a magnetic snap for closure.  The inside had a zipper pocket.    It was made with a lovely purple faux leather.

On each side is a tab with a snap. This is how the bag attaches to the interior of the main purse.  The original bag had these tabs attached together with the straps but my machine wouldn't handle thickness of the tap + strap so I installed them in separate locations.  

 The photo below shows it attached to the main bag.
So there it is.. a half store bought and half handmade bag! 

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