Monday, 17 December 2012

Fingerprint Tile Magnets

Thought I would share small project I've been doing with my son.  Both my husband and I have a large extended family who spoils the little ones in the family. I usually get my son to make something to give to each person or family at Christmas.   

This year we are making these cute fingerprint magnets, one for each person. 

Well, right now they are just finger print tiles, since the magnets are not glued on yet.
I used this book for ideas on what animals to make with finger and thumbprints.  
I used these tiles purchased from our local hardware store and easily cut through the glue to separate each 2x2 tile.
With my direction, my son used acrylic paint to put finger prints on the tiles and I used Sharpies to draw in details.
I did have some issues with the Sharpies working on the paint so I probably should have used some other kind of paint.  Or perhaps the finish on the the tiles was the problem as the paint sometimes would get scrapped off by the marker.  
Here are a few close ups of my favourites.  The car is Lightning McQueen at my son's request.
We still have about 20 more to make... They don't take too much time to do, but my son being 3.5 years old, gets bored and so we have being doing them in batches.


  1. How cute! I am going to try this with my 5 year old grandson. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just to let you know I featured your wonderful project today. Stop by and grab a featured button.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. These are adorable!
    I think I might make some of these for next christmas!

    TracyAnn from and

  4. What a fun idea! And those tiny fingerprints are preserved forever!


  5. Do you have to put a top coat of anything on this after? Or let dry as is?


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