Monday, 3 December 2012

To make or not to make .. That is the question.

And by "not make", I mean buy. 

I'll admit, I buy quite a few bags and purses.  I think in the last year, I (or my husband) bought 5 bags for myself. (including the ones I'm going to tell you about below)

This weekend I went to a warehouse sale for ESPE .  I had just discovered this company and wanted to buy some of their wallets as Christmas gifts.  However going to the sale, I knew there was a good chance I'd pick up something for myself.

And I did.. two somethings..  a small purse and a convertible tote.  I could only find a photo of the tote online.

Espe Groovi Bag
At the core, it's simple bag - it's even unlined.  Material is a faux leather with suede like backing. It can be a tote of several different sizes, a crossbody bag or shoulder bag.  It comes with a detachable zipper pouch that can be attached on the inside or outside of the bag or be  worn as a small crossbody purse. (I'm was quite tickled to see this as I've done the detachable pouch myself on a previous bag)
I did debate on buying it as I have made bags somewhat similar (albeit not as professional looking).  I ended up taking it home in the green colour.  I love the feel and colour of the material. And the price at the sale was about 1/3 of the regular price! It was hard to resist.
The irony of it is each time when I spend a little too much at the fabric store, I justify it by saying I won't buy another purse for x amount of time.. I don't think I've held up the other side of that bargain!
Oh and the other purse I bought, I've told my husband to wrap it up as my son's Christmas gift to me.. :)
How about you.. do you buy bags (or other goods) for yourself, even though you make them?
Note: I have no affiliation to ESPE (Although I would love to, they have some great bags. haha)


  1. How in the world did you leave the place and just buy 2 bags for yourself real control woman real control. I love it!!

    1. Haha.. so you're saying I should be proud not guilty I left with two bags!? :)


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