Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Clearing out

So here we are, more than a week into the new year.. I've been thinking about what projects I want to do this year.. Samantha at At Home with Mrs H has a post on her goals for 2013, that got me thinking more seriously about mine...

I don't have a concrete list yet, but one thing I need to do is go through my fabric and sewing supplies.  I was trying to choose some fabric for my next bag and I got frustrated at the mess that is my sewing room/office. 

In that room we have a shelving unit that holds my fabric and sewing supplies (that are currently in disarray), a single bed, an (unused) elliptical, file cabinets and a desk with my sewing machine.  And among all that is many of my bags strewn all over. 

So in my first attempt to clear some of it up, I selected a few bags to evict.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet but I took some photo's of them and thought I would share..  These were some of my very first bags.. quite simple.

Basic, crossbody bag. Love the cherry blossom fabric. I still have some that I'm hoarding saving
Another crossbody bag with with several features. Zippered pocket in the front, open pocket in the bag and recessed zipper for main closure.  I used this tutorial on crafster.  

Cute pleated tote from a purchased pattern from the etsy store Ali foster

It's a clutch! Its a crossbody bag! It's a bigger crossbody bag!  It's a convertible bag!  The strap come off so it can be used as a foldover clutch. The strap can be attached at two different spots so it can be used either as a foldover purse or opened up as a bigger crossbody. 

I think these were all unused.. They were made for me to experiment and learn. Maybe I'll see if there's a church sale they can get donated to.


  1. You could, or you could sell them on etsy, or choose a price and ask your blog readers if they want to buy them?

    I had a clear out of my old 'stuff' and listed them ridiculously cheap on etsy. That was in the hope of people finding my sewing patterns at the same time though, the rest will go to the charity shop for them to sell.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your craft room when you organise it, I live for craft room reveal posts! :D xx


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