Thursday, 17 January 2013

DIY - Duck Tape Magic Wallet

Abracadabra.. I give you the magic wallet made with Duck tape (and cardboard and elastic)

Nothing special right.. In fact it's rather boring and impractical, no pockets, just those elastic loops that supposedly can hold some bills or cards..

Ahh.. but this wallet isn't for holding stuff.. it's for amusing yourself and family and friends.. Let me demonstrate

Put a money note in the wallet

Close the wallet as you would a book (left flap over right)

Open the wallet FROM THE OTHER SIDE (left).. that's right the wallet opens from both sides! <Gasp!>

open from left

And look! the money is now in the elastic!  <Double gasp>

Close the wallet like you did before

Again open from the other side (left)


And the money is now in the other elastic!

Repeat again and again and again.. and again.. at least that's what I did.. I think I've said before I'm easily amused! 

Want to know how to make one.. here's what you need:
Duck Tape
Elastic or ribbon
Cut two pieces of carboard the size of desired wallet. Mine is around 3x4.
Cut strips of Duck Tape to cover one side of each cardboard with about 1/2" extra to wrap around each edge.  I used two strips and overlapped the slightly in he middle.
Cover one side of each piece, wrapping over the tape.
covered cardboard
Cut four pieces of elatic or ribbon.  EAch piece should be 2 inches longer than the width of your cardboard.
Place two pieces along the long side of the back of one card board piece , about an inch from the corner.  As below.
Tape with small piece of tape
Put this piece aside.  Take the other piece of cardboard and two remaining pieces of elastic.  The elastic will be taped to the back again but at an angle so the elastic forms a cross.  The ends of the elastic should closer to the middle, so around 1.5" from the corner.

 Turn the cardboard so the covered side is up and wrap the elastic over the top of the duck tape
 Bring the two pieces together with the loose ends of the elastic pulled through between them to the back.  Holding the cardpieces tight together, flip over.  Tape the elastics over the OPPOSITE cardboard. ie Crossed elastic ends taped to the cardboard that has the straight elastic and vice versa.

The picture above shoes the front of the wallet, cut Duck tape and cover each side, making sure not to tape the cardboard pieces together.
And that's it!  Close the wallet so the elastic is inside. 
I attempted to make these with some faux leather, but didn't have the right glue.  I also want to try to make a sewn version. Just for kicks..

ETA - There's an awesome video tutorial for making these with fabric - it's no sew, so with glue


  1. That's very cool! Great magic trick to amuse family and friends :-)

    1. Yes! I've mostly amused myself.. my husband isn't as impressed.

  2. What the WHUT?! I don't get the heck does it work????

  3. I know huh! If I have it my hand and look closely I can see how it works, but now when I think about, I get confused.. :) I updated my post with a link to a video tutorial by someone else.

    My husband had a hard glasses cases that worked similiarly that you could open from both sides.

  4. Hi Nissa, since this year started I have not had time to visit all my favorite blogs (yours is one of them). I want to thank you for all your post, they are wonderful, full of information and interesting links. I was reading your posts and I told myself that I would leave my comment on the last, and is this. The truth is, that with this project, you have surprised me, really magical. This creation is really fun, thanks for sharing.

  5. I am so bookmarking this for later. That is very cool. Judging by the money, you are a fellow Canadian. I kind of root for Canadian bloggers :0)


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