Thursday, 24 January 2013


I mentioned before that I recieved a Cameo cutting tool.

I've been playing with it a bit.  Made a few cards, nothing complicated.  The machine is easy to use but understanding how images will be cut takes me a bit of thought.   Here's an example:

I purchased a card template  from the Silhouette store and made this card..

There are 3 layers of cardstock as you can see.  My initial attempt was to just have two..  The white background and the orange car with the text and wheels cut out like the windows. 

Like so:

 I knew some of the pieces in the lettering and wheels would fall out, but pieces between the letters also fell.  I don't have the patience to piece those little pieces back. I couldn't even place them in their exact spots.   So I cut the car again without the letters and wheels cut out:


And then cut out the letters and wheels and glued those on top.. I would have preferred the cutout look better, but lazy people can't be choosers..
Oh, I also learnt that good paper makes a difference. I bought the white cardstock at the dollar store. I could feel the difference, it was much thinner than my cardstock from the craft store.  I couldn't cut the letter from it.. Well I could cut them by lowering the cut speed but then it was too fragile to pull off the cutting mat.  Here's the result..
I didn't have any good white paper so had to use yellow.. ah well.. now I know..
Still need to try fabric on the machine.. I have to order a second blade.. must get on that..


  1. That's awesome. I'm really intrigued to see it work on fabric - can't wait to read that post!

  2. (stop by my blog today - having a giveaway :) )

  3. Would love to see fabric made up into cut pieces.


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