Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My slightly lopsided Triple Zip Pouch

I completed my triple zip pouch for the sew along. 

As you can see my stitching was far from perfect.. My top panel is quite obviously slanted.  And my zpper tabs weren't placed evenly.  I had a bit of trouble sewing the zipper with the bulk of the fusible fleece.  Next time I think I'll try a less bulky interfacing.  I also placed the zippers in alternating direction.  Let's just say I did that on purpose!

I actually sewed the top zipper inside out.. bah.. not the best sewing day for some reason.  Seam ripper to the rescue there.

The main change I made to the pouch was the way the top zipper was done.  I used Noodle Heads Tutorial to do an "open wide" zipper installation.  I love thi method..  nice neat zipper end.

And opens nice and wide

I also had to adust the tutorial for directional fabric as the exterior fabric is folded to make the front and back.  This means the pattern on directional fabric would be upside down on one side of the pouch. Can't have that!

To work around this you need to add seam allowance to the main fabric piece, spilt it into two and piece back together.    I was just about to cut the main fabric in half when I realized that wrong!  The main fabric makes up only part of the front (below the bottom zipper) and the full back.

I kept the main fabric one piece until the first (bottom) zipper was installed completely so I could see where the bottom pocket ends, and I cut the exterior fabric then, about 1/4" longer than the pocket. 

The pouch was to be for my son's pad.  For some reason I didn't think to make sure the finshed size would work.. the Leappad just barely fits in! 

Fun project. Thanks to A Quilter's Table for the tutorial and sew along!


  1. Well, I like the changes you made and don't worry, your little guy won't notice a wee bit of crookedness! Try wonder tape, it's awesome to hold fabric to a zipper. It's my new favorite thing!

  2. I think it's really cute. Love the fabrics you chose and I think it's really brave of you to change bits of the pattern. I'm one of those people who does as she's told and doesn't wander from the pattern. LOLL I've made two of these in the past but someone came and bought them off me so I'd love to make some more. They're so useful.

  3. I love it, it's so cute! Try cutting your fusible fleece smaller so that it's not in the seam allowance of your zipper or side seams :)

  4. Well it's very sweet in spite of your troubles. I actually think the alternate facing zip adds a nice twist - and the wide-mouth zip too. I really need to try that tutorial. Thanks for joining in!

  5. I think it's still really cute (I don't think I would have even noticed it was crooked!)! Zippers are soooo tricky (my seam ripper is always coming to the rescue when I do them).

  6. I just finished mine, and I used flannel in place of the fusible fleece. I have a ton of flannel but no fusible fleece, but I was trying to use what I have instead of buying stuff. Is fusible fleece as thick as batting? If so the flannel is less bulky than that.

  7. LOVE IT! It's super cute - I like the extra long top zipper, too!

  8. Aren't you clever. I was just wondering what to do about my directional fabric, and I googled to see if anyone had a workaround. Thanks!

  9. Some projects are just like that aren't they? Sometimes things go so smooth and easy you wonder what's up. Sometimes nothing lays flat like it's supposed to. One thing I've learned is that no matter what, everyone loves a project that someone took the time to make from scratch. I think it's cute!

  10. I really like your pouch, the colors are beautiful. I like your version of the pouch with a zipper top done that way, is original. Sewing zippers is not easy, and we always learn from every project we do, I find that your pouch is cute and you did a beautiful job.
    Thanks for sharing!!!


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