Monday, 21 January 2013

The beginnings...

.. of two projects. 

Out of this pile shall rise a zippered pouch and a handbag..

So I have two projects I NEED to get done. 

First is a zippered pouch for  The Sweet Pouch swap.  I think I'm going to use those 3 up on top.. The red has a black checkers on it, hard to tell with the horrible phone pic. (I'm feeling lazy to go take one with my real camera).  That will be the lining.

The other two are for the exterior, not sure what I'm going to do yet.. But I want to mail this out this weekend so I need to decide sooon.

The handbag is for my online class.   It's my 5th assignment and I've been procrastinating!   

The red faux leather that everything is thrown on is going to be paired with the purple faux leather for a colour block styled exterior.    The exterior will also be accented with either the black or solid brown. 

The remaining two are my choices for the lining.. either the argyle or the houndstooth depending if I use the black or brown.

I decided to use up stuff from my stash.. Well I don't really have a choice as I was sick this weekend and didn't make it to the fabric store (and missed a 50% everything sale!).  I won't make it there this week and I want to start on the projects. 

Hopefully the zipper pouch will be done over the next day or two.. I have a few other things to juggle.. small things like my job and making my nephew a birthday cake..  :)

The bag will take longer.  I've designed it, and my goal is to draw out the pattern this week.  I'm debating whether to share my design before making it.. hmm..

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