Monday, 28 January 2013

Triple Zip Along

I just learnt about the Triple Zip Along today and decide to take part.

The sew along goes through steps to create a zipper pouch with yes, you guessed it, three zipper pockets.

I was planning on making my son a case for  his Leappad and thought this little pouch might do, so I rifled though my stash to find my supplies. 

My zipper stash definitely needs some depleting:

The zippers I have are 8".  The instructions call for 9" but after quickly reading the first few steps I think they will do. 

My fabric and zippers choices pictured below.  Fabric is actually from a set of recieving blankets I bought when searching for CARS fabric.


Today's activity for the sew along was to cut out fabric and interfacing, so nice and quick.
 I cut my outer fabric 1/2" longer as it is directional, so I'll have to spilt that into two pieces and piece it together so the pattern isn't upside down on one side..


  1. Love your fabric choices. I've made two of these in the past. They are so fun. I only wish I had the time to join in the Triple Zip Along this time.

  2. Good call on the directional fabric!

  3. I do have a triple zip pouch in my mental to do list but ah, time is just so precious a commodity at the moment!

  4. Nissa, thanks for all the information you have given us. I would love to have more hours in the day to participate in any of these sew along. Thank you for all the links towards the sites, all the links you have given today and in the previous post. I love the zipper pouch you've done for the Sew Pouch Swap, and the fabrics you chose for the Triple Zip Along are wonderful. Thanks for sharing all your projects.
    Have a nice day!


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