Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bag Types

Have you been following ikat bag's Make a Bag series?  I have.. It's been intersting and honestly the bags she's made are quite awesome and creative.  So even if you know all there is to know about bagmaking, it's fun to just browse her posts for her bag photos.

She's gone through 7 bag types. Today she posted a quiz challenging readers to look at an online store and categorize some bags into the bag types.  I decided it would be fun to take some of the bags I've made and classify those instead.

So here goes- some of these I've posted about before.. Each bag type name will be linked to ikat's post.

1. Flat (lined or unlined) - made many of these, here's one.

2. Darted (includes boxed totes) - Again made many of these, here'a couple, I usually refer to them as square bottoms.

My post
3. Gussetted - JUST finsihed this one!

My post

4. Wrapped

My post
5. Bucket

My post

6. Blocked - I've done a couple using this method and I think my next bag for my class will be this type

7.  Pleated - Haven't done this one.  You need to write ikat's post on this.  It is NOT a bag with "cosmetic" pleats
6/7 types done.. not bad, I think.
Thanks to ikat bag for a great series so far!  She hasn't given exact patterns, but has explained each type in detail so you understand how to construct.  


  1. I think the wrapped is my favorite, but it's so hard to choose!

  2. Oh I think I could become seriously addicted to your blog. Don't have a favourite bag, I love them all!
    Ali x

  3. All your bags are beautiful, thanks for sharing these beautiful bags with us, I like them all!!!
    Marisa from

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