Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Caution - Work in Progress

Finally got a bit of progress on my next bag.  I've started on the exterior.. it's slow going as I'm figuring out how to do a few things as I go along..

Front, flap and back.  I'm thinking of putting a zipper pocket on the back.

Strap and gusset.. might redo the straps as I'm not happy with my sewing on it.

Once the exterior is done, I have to make the lining.  And then the nerve wracking part of putting it together.. hopefully I'll have the finished bag to share in the next week.


  1. Looking at the pieces you cut for your bag, gives me the impression that it will be beautiful. I like the colors you chose, and the straps are right for me, don't be too demanding with yourself.
    I'm sure this bag is going to be very nice, I'll be waiting to see the photos when you finish. What kind of fabric is it? On the picture appears to be leather, love it!


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