Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Did you notice

Did you notice the little icon beside my blog address and title.. No? Let me show you..

My lovely friend at Sew at Home Mummy posted a tip on how to do this as part of her weekly link party.  I've been meaning to look into this but Erin made it easy by doing the research.. lol..

I wanted to put together a tip or tutorial for her link party, but alas my paying job as kept me too busy. :)  So I'll encourage anyone else who has a tip/trick or tutorial to share on the party

Tips & Tricks Tuesdays at Sew at Home Mummy


  1. Why, yes I did! Today it showed up on my blog list beside your name! Beaut!

  2. Nissa, thanks for this information, this is one of those things that I always wanted to know how to do. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Marisa from


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