Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wall art with contact paper and Cameo

Here's another small project I did with my Cameo cutting machine.

Once again I used an image from the Silhouette store.   I added the letter M to the car.

Here are the quick steps:

Paint the canvas your background colour.. I used acrylic paint and a sponge brush

Cut the image on contact paper. I used the default setting when choosing "Vinyl" under the cut settings.
Dontcha love my "table"
Cut the contact paper so you have a few inches of contact paper around it.  Place on canvas. Don't forget to add all your details that fall off.. ie the M and my windows which I forgot initially.
Using a card, burnish the contact paper.
Paint another coat of your background paint over the contact paper.
(it was at this point I realized that I forgot my windows, so I added them in and redid this step).Once that is dry, paint again with the colour you want for your image..
I needed to do several coats of the orange to it even.
When try, slowly peal off teh contact paper.  Use a pin to pull of the small pieces.
I had to touch up the M a bit as I wasn't as careful as I should have been pulling of the contact paper.  

That's it.. cute, simple for kids room.. I'll be do a few more of these. Maybe getting more complicated.

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  1. After seeing your previous post where you used this Silhouette machine, I went to look at these machines, now I see this tutorial and you give me more and more eager to have her.
    I guess it would be nice to create a stencil, and do the painting on canvas.
    It's easy to learn to use this machine?
    Thanks for the tutorial, I loved it
    Marisa from


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