Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Faux Leather Tip

Recently I've started sewing with faux leather.  I sew with a pretty basic home machine and have come across some challenges.

I generally sew with my walking foot attachment.  This helps tremendously with the faux leather as you'll see with some sample stitches I did below.

However when sewing a zip I need to switch to my zipper foot.. As can be seen on the zipper pocket below, I didn't get great results with the faux leather.

Doing some research online, a teflon foot is sometimes recommended for leather or vinyl sewing.  I don't have a teflon foot and it probably wouldn't help with sewing zippers as I need the narrow zipper foot. (or maybe they have teflon zipper feet?  I dunno??)

So I went and found me some teflon tape at a hardware store.


I put some on the back of my zipper foot.. It's a very thin "plasticy" type material. It's not sticky but more clingy so is easy to remove.
Here are some test stitches I did
Top - zipper foot without tape - The material hardly advanced and resulted in tiny messy stitches.
Middle two - zipper foot with teflon tape. Not sure why I tried twice - much improvement over tapeless foot.
Last - walking foot - best stitches
So in this case the teflon tape did help.. But the walking foot was definitely better.
I then tried on a different kind of faux leather.. it's a bit shiny and more "sticky".  It's very thin, so thickness is not an issue.
The only decent stitches were with the walking foot on left.  With this material the teflon did  not produce good stitches at all. Without the tape, the material didn't advance at all.
So lesson out of this.. Walking foot is the way to go.  Teflon tape might help with faux leather if you need need to use your standard feet BUT try your options out out scraps first! 
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  1. Awesome info, I love learning tips like this everyday, I am a beginner sewist, yes thats a word for me.. and I have been saving patterns for purses, now I know use my walking foot.. thank you for stopping by and sharing today.. My bloggy friends will love it.

  2. I'd never heard of using teflon tape! very interesting. good to know that it doesn't work ;) Thank you!

  3. I've made pleather bags in the past and had the same problem. My Teflon foot doesn't help. The walking foot is much better. One thing I did find though is that if you sew your top stitching with clear nylon thread the stitches and the tension is much better than regular thread. I was never really happy with the results, I'm too much of a perfectionist LOLLL so opted to buy an industrial sewing machine.

  4. thank you for the tips...I just started sewing on Pleather so I can use all the help I can get.
    I had not thought of using the walking foot...doesn't it leave marks in the pleather ??


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