Friday, 1 March 2013

Sweet Pouch Received!

Got a lovely package in the mail today.. all the way for Australia!

It's my pouch from the Sweet Pouch Swap.  There was some yummy chocolates, some post cards and of course the pouch.

Ah the pouch!  It's really lovely.. beautiful fabrics pieced together..


I love the flex frame opening.. and the lining is fabulous too!  

I assume the sender wanted to remain private as there was no reference to a blog or email.. so I'll just say Thank you A!!!  I love it.


  1. nice! Those look like Aussie Bilbys? At Easter they have choc bunnies, of course, but also Easter baby Bilby and baby wombats. cute!

  2. I'm from Australia and I can tell you they have filled it with the good stuff. Those brands are pretty pricey.

  3. yum yum yum! beautiful pouch and the candy looks soooooo good!!!


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