Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Testing, Testing.. Mommy Poppins Bag

Another first for me.. I tested a bag pattern for the lovely and talented Jodi of Sew Fearless

I knew Jodi was working on a new bag pattern as I follow her blog and facebook and she posted some sneak peaks of the bag.  She also made a similiar one before and this pattern was based on it.

I was excited when she posted she was looking for a few pattern testers but alas, they needed to be located in the States as Jodi was suppling and shipping the hardware which includes a frame.  I casually mentioned I had the needed frame but in a smaller size.  Well lucky I did as Jodi got back to me and said her pattern has intructions from customizing with different sized frames and if I wanted to use my frame she'd be happy to have me test.. Of course I wanted to! 

So here's my version of the Sew Fearless Mary Poppins bag... Jodi hasn't released the pattern yet, but was fine with the testers sharing.

I used some fabric I've been hoarding for a while and vinyl for he contrast and handles.

It has a removable crossbody strap

Side view

Front large pocket with flap

Back view with another large pocket

And inside.. I LOVE how the frame holds the opening nice and wide.

I really adore this bag..

Once Jodi releases the pattern I'll be sure to share!


  1. Oh I love that. It's like a doctor's bag. I have internal frame on my list of "gotta do that". Well done!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. What a lovely design and your fabrics are perfect. Love all the pockets and the size looks perfect too.

  3. Nissa, this bag is beautiful. You did a nice work on it, I love it. I like the colors you've chosen, thanks for allowing me to discover a new blog.
    Marisa from

  4. Hi Nissa
    You wanted to know if you had word verification so I'm leaving this comment to test it out for you. I'll let you know by email.

  5. I have a couple of those frames in my cupboard will definitely look out for that pattern. Great bag!

  6. I love that bag, I follow her too. I can't wait for it to come out.

  7. that's a gorgeous bag! Have you used leather on it?

  8. Wow! Nice job. Love the colors. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

  9. Love the design, Nerissa!!! Looks very room and easy to use.


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