Friday, 29 March 2013

The Cameo Strikes Again - Superhero Eggs

With Easter here, I had to do make use of my Cameo cutting machine for some egg decorating fun. 

I used some superhero dingbat fonts and some images I found online.  The Cameo machine cut the images on some sample vinyl sheets I have. They were applied as a stencil onto blown out eggs which were then coloured with a store bought kit.. Here are the results:


Some came out better than others.. The spiderman was tricky but worked out ok.. I was impressed tht the machine cut out the smaller spiderman stencil so well.. It was about an inch tall.

Here is one with the stencil applied.. It was hard to apply the stencil because of the curves so there were some folds..
And here it is soaking in the colouring. The kit said to use hard boiled eggs but I was doing some baking so blew the eggs out to use instead. I didn't think about the eggs floating, so we had to hold them down with a spoon.

My son loved them.. and I had fun playing with the machine!

Happy Easter!

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