Tuesday, 30 April 2013

nissaMade tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew!

I'm so excited to have written a post/tutorial for the fabulous Sew, Mama, Sew! blog. 

The tutorial is for a small crossbody bag with full width pockets on each side.  Check it out..

Small Crossbody bag for Sew, Mama, Sew
And I apologize for using the same fabric for the last 3 projects posted!  It's all done now :)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday News

Yay Friday!  Quick post from me..

First, I'm excited that next week on April 30th, I will be contributing a post to Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog.  It may or may not have to do with a bag.. :)

Also a couple shout-outs to other blogs:

SewFearless has been sharing bags made by testers for her new Bag Pattern "The Mommy Poppins" bag.  If you are in the States, she also has a giveaway for the pattern. 

I found another giveaway on Blue Susan Makes for some Sew Sweetness Bag Patterns

And last Michelle Patterns has a sale -  $5 for 21 patterns she is retiring! Most of them are bag related - bags, pouches, passport holders, cases etc.  

My sewing has been limited and probably will be for the next little.. Hopefuly I'll have some more projects to share soon! 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Sew Fearless "Mommy Poppins" Bag Release

Jodi @ Sew Fearless has just relased her new bag pattern - the Mommy Poppins Bag

Mommy Poppins Bag Pattern

I tested this bag for her and you can read my post about it hereThe pattern was easy to follow and I learnt a few new tricks!  The end result was lovely.

My version

The bag uses an interal tubular frame and pattern is customizable to different sizes.  I followed Jodi's intructions to customize to an 12" frame.

Jodi has a giveaway going on for the pattern, so stop by. She will also be sharing tester bags during the week.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April Shower's Mug Rug Hop

Welcome to day 7 of the April Shower's Mug Rug Hop.. Thanks to Erin and Mdme Samm for hosting and organizing this fun event. 

There has been so many fun mug rugs. I hope you have been enjoying them!

Here is my mug rugs..

When I signed up for the hop, I knew I wanted to use my Cameo cutting machine in some way.  I choose this cute bird and used the machine to cut it out of some duck cotton that was fused to some double sided Heat and Bond.

For the larger rug,  I fused the bird to the second fabric and did a zig zag around it..I'm not the best sewer so this isn't perfect. Something to practice!

It was  quilted with diagonal lines on the side panels and vertical lines in on the red

I made it long to hold a snack.. or two.. or three.. 

When I cut out the bird, I made sure to place it so that the piece with the cut out could also be used. I placed some fabric behind it cutout and made a quick second coaster.

Mine are quite simple compared to some of the other ladies.. This was my first time making one. It is a fun project that you can make as simple or complicated as you like.

Make sure to drop by the others on the schedule today!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

More Bag Stuff!

Ok bag making ladies.. I came across more stuff to share..

First Liz @ Momemts is giving away a pdf pattern of ChrisW Designs' new purse pattern. Such a lovely bag...

Giveaway at Moments

Next I came across this YouTube video with Lazy Girl designs, which showed the contruction of a square bottom tote a way I haven't seen.  The lining is partially attached to the exterior during contruction.  Several tips are also mentioned throughtout the video. Thought it was interesting and maybe some of you might enjoy watching it too.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bag Pattern and Hardware Giveaway at Emmaline Bags!

Emmaline Bags is having a giveaway for her new bag pattern.. It looks like a great bag and will be on my list to try.  The giveaway also includes a hardware kit for the bag! Check out the blog for some pics of some great bags by Janelle's testers

Emmaline Bags New Pattern

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Handmade bag "news"

Seems like a lot of things going on the blogsphere for bag making ladies.. In case you don't know:

Mia Creates has a bag pattern giveaway going on

The giveaway is for a new bag pattern called the Genevieve Messenger just released by ChrisW Designs. 

Janelle at Emmaline Bags also just released a bag pattern that looks equally awesome called Boyd St. Bowling Bag

Sweet Bee Buzzings will be starting a sew-along for cute bag next week.

Another sew -along by Sew It Girl starts this Friday for a passport wallet!

So a few possibilities if you are looking for some bag making activities. 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

April Shower's Mug Rug Hop

Tomorrow is the first day of this fun hop which will be showcasing mug rugs made by various sewists.


My day in Tuesday April 16h.  So make sure to stop by to see my mug rug and visit the other blogs in the meantime!

Wednesday, April 17
Thursday April 18

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Covert Robin Awesomeness

I recieved my Covert Robin gift today.. Oh my word. Did I get spoiled by Mary @ Stitches on My Needle !

This was the package.. my 3.5 year old son said "Pretty!" when he saw it in the mailbox

And the contents..

First check out this awesome thread catcher/pin cushion duo. I just realized that bucket hangs on the loop of the pin cushion. Will be so useful.  And the button.. just awesome. I was just reading Mary's blog and she indicated the button was a earring! How creative is that.

There are pockets on the hanging part!

And the other stuff:

Purse Frame and pattern from my partner's stash.

 Mary said she also uses a Cameo cutting machine and sent me some interfacing for fabric cutting!

and a cute book from her hometown


Thank you Mary!  It was so, so thoughtful and I love it all..

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Covert Robin Swap

I signed up for the Covert Robin Handmade Swap hosted by Imagine Gnats. I'm not going to reveal who I was assigned since they are likely going to recieve it this week. But I'm sure she doesn't read my blog so figured it was safe to post about it.

Well actually I already posted about one part of the gift.. an Envelope Clutch..

Now my intention was to make some thing else with my Cameo cutting machine like a small canvas stenciled painting but discovered that my assignee was more than talented in that department so I decided to stick with my strength and made her another purse. 

This one is a 3 way purse. It can be a clutch folded without the strap or a crossbody purse worn folded or unfolded.

Clutch without strap or small crossbody with strap
 I have made a similiar one before but made a few changes to this version.

The one thing I was really happy about was that I figured out a new zipper pocket application where the zipper is hidden. 

Larger crossbody
See in the middle where the circles are not complete.. There's a zipper pocket there
Hidden zipper pull peeking out at the right

I'm thinking I might post a tutorial on the zipper pocket application. I took the photos and just need to find the time to write it up.

The back has  a large pocket that closes with a magnetic snap.  That pocket contains the rings to attach straps when worn folded. I didn't get a good photo of this

After finishing the bag, I realized I forgot to put the magnetic snap for the main closure.. I could have left it as is but it was bothering me.  Luckily I had some sew-in magnetic snaps and was able to come up with a way to use them on the finished bag.  The snaps are inside the tabs.

I also played around with creating a zipper pull from washi tape.. It doesn't match too well but I included it as I thought it was cute!

And lastly I created a paper pendant as a small addition..

You'll see these all over Pinterest using washers, scrap book paper and dimensional glaze. I decided to try with out the washer.. cause I'm a rebel like that..

I wanted to add a proper closure and some proper jewelery hardware (is that's what it's called??) but the beading section at the craft store confused me and I couldn't figure out what I needed. So I left it simple.

So that's it.  It's been a crazy few weeks for me and in my rush to get this mailed last week, I totally forgot to explain how the 3 way bag works in the note to my recipient.  So I'll have to email her once I know she recieved it.  Hope she likes it!

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