Thursday, 4 April 2013

Covert Robin Awesomeness

I recieved my Covert Robin gift today.. Oh my word. Did I get spoiled by Mary @ Stitches on My Needle !

This was the package.. my 3.5 year old son said "Pretty!" when he saw it in the mailbox

And the contents..

First check out this awesome thread catcher/pin cushion duo. I just realized that bucket hangs on the loop of the pin cushion. Will be so useful.  And the button.. just awesome. I was just reading Mary's blog and she indicated the button was a earring! How creative is that.

There are pockets on the hanging part!

And the other stuff:

Purse Frame and pattern from my partner's stash.

 Mary said she also uses a Cameo cutting machine and sent me some interfacing for fabric cutting!

and a cute book from her hometown


Thank you Mary!  It was so, so thoughtful and I love it all..


  1. Ohhh I am so glad it got there. I had so much fun in this swap and thinking of you opening it and making things with it. Enjoy.

  2. What a great package! I've never seen such a cute envelope before, what a treat, you must re-use it!!

  3. Those are lovely gifts! I am starting to wish that I joined covert robin too!

  4. What great gifts! I kept hearing about the "Covert Robin" but wasn't really sure what it was all I wish i investigated further and joined in as well! LOL
    - ChrisW Designs


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