Monday, 24 June 2013

Finally! A finished bag..

Well, it's finished.. although not finished very well.  As mentioned in my last post I started working on a pattern I bought from Michelle Patterns (formally Keyka Lou Patterns).

The pattern has directions for retangular cut out handles. I used metal eyelet handles. I've had them in my stash and it's about time I used them. I also used a firm paper as a backing to the handles instead of interfacing.

I made a few modifications to the bag.. and I actually didn't follow the assembly instructions at all.  Mostly because of the use of the metal on the handles and the paper backing which I didnt want to turn inside out

I used a white faux leather for the handles. The blue is some sort of home decor or outdoor fabric I got on sale at my local fabric store. I didnt use any interfacing.
I had a few problems putting the bag together.I didn't use the "sew lining to exterior inside out and turn through hole" method since I didn't want the handles to get wrinkled. I'm having a hard time explaining how I did it but in the end I couldn't sew right to the corners of the white handles as it was too thick.  You can see the little gap in the photo below.

The opening of the bag is quite small.. I had a tough time sewing the handles on. Silly me didnt think that I could remove the metal eyelets which would have made the handles more flexible to sew around the opening.  I actually sewed the opening shut trying to finish the bag!  And the white is a faux leather so unfortunately the holes from the unpicked stiches can be seen. 
The pattern call for two pleasts on the bottom sides of the bag.  My fabric was a bit stiff and the pleats looked funny so I omitted those for a single centre pleat on the bottom.
Overall I like the idea of this bag even though I didn't execute it very well.. It's cute but I would change a few things if I were to do it again in order to get a nicer finish..
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Finally! A work in progress

So I was busy for most of May and did no sewing.. Then when I had some time, I wasn't feeling inspired to start a bag.  A couple days ago, I suddenly felt like I. MUST. MAKE. A. BAG... NOW!  Went and started cutting some fabric with an idea in my head but no proper plans or measurements.  Yeah.. that's didn't end up so well  The fabric was thrown to the corner of the room and I walked away..

Still feeling unmotivated to design my own bag/pattern, I went through the many, many patterns I have looking for a simple project to get the sewing juices flowing.  A little while back I bought a package of patterns from Michelle Patterns that she is retiring. It has a pattern for a bag with cut out handles and a pleated, poufy body. (It's been retired so no link but if you bought the pack, it's the Charm School handbag)

I decided to give this one a shot as I have some metal eyelet handles in my stash that I think will work will with the bag..  I'll be assembling the bag my own way to deal with the metal handles..

So a long over due work in progress pic

I haven't done any sewing yet.  Exterior is cut out.  The pattern calls for the lining to be pleated as well but I'm thinking to make the exterior and then cut the lining to fit.

Hope this is the first of several bags to be sewn over the summer.  I have a bag assignment I need to get going on and a backpack for my son to use in September.

And thought I would share a pic of one of the non sewing things that has kept me busy.. 

I made these robots from a template from Cubeecraft.  They have some awesome 3D block characters that you can print and cut.. I made blank ones from my son's birthday party so his friends could decorate them.  I also made paper purses for the girls which I didn't take photos of.  Yes I know, if I was a good blogger I would have gotten many more photos and blogged it all .. :P

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