Monday, 15 July 2013

New purchase

Yes,  I have been a bad blogger recently..  Various things are keeping me busy.. like research on my new (to me) purchase.

It's a Singer 15-91.  I don't know much about these (or other) vintage machines but have heard good things about this model so have been keeping an eye out on my local Kijiji.  Friday, I found a listing for one in perfect working condition for $35.  In my area the cheapest I've seen them is $150.  My husband picked it up within a couple hours.

It comes in a table/cabinet. The foot pedal is mounted inside and can be trigged by a knee control

To my inexperienced eye the surface looks like it's in pretty good shape.

The wiring from the machine to the foot pedal needs to be changed which I have read is pretty straight forward and inexpensive.  I will get a new power cord as well.  The other wiring looks  ok but need to look into getting it examined.

Wiring to foot pedal

The table isn't in the best condition with some screw holes on the top, but we might built a base for it rather that using it in a table to save space

Bottom looks pretty good to me..

Now I haven't sewn with it because I have to learn how to remove the bobbin, thread and all that basic stuff.  We've seen the motor running but with the cords that need changing I will probably just initially test it by hand cranking until we replace them.

So while it looks good, I have no idea how well it actually sews!  For the price I thought I would take the risk. 

Oh and the seller forgot to give my husband the attachments so still need to get those. 

Do you have a vintage machine? Anything you can tell me that I should know? I'm excited to learn about it!


  1. Trust a man not to remember the attachments :P

  2. Oh I LOVE these old machines! :) Wgat a great buy! I have several old Singers now BUT all are in storage until our renos are done. If you visit the Singer website and contact them with the machines serial number, they'll get back to you with the date and place of manufacture! :) You can also download manuals for the machines as well!
    Ebay is a great source for attachments but sometimes people want more for the attachments than the machine is worth! LOL!
    For a wealth of great info there is a Yahoo group they have a load of great files full of info you can download.
    I have some posts on my blog in case you want to see my old machines! :)
    Have fun with your 'new' machine :)

  3. Looks like it is in good shape. It is fun finding a new to use machines.

    I bet you will have fun with it.


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