Thursday, 22 August 2013

Identifying fabric

So a couple weeks back I took a photo of a project I was working on.. (and am still working on).  This was the photo

I used  my smartphone to take the picture as I was playing with Instagram
I put the phone down and when I picked it up, somehow I managed to open the image in the Goggles App.   This app searches the internet via images rather text.
I had never used it before.  The app scanned my image and focused on the fabric piece on the bottom middle. It was able to match the image to a thumbnail from a fabric store and thus identify the fabric.
I couldn't figure out how to take a screenshot from my phone,  so I took a photo with my husband's phone. Sorry, it's not a very good picture but you can see how it matched the fabric.
I was too lazy to get out some of my fabric to test it more. So I took some photos of my screen with some fabric images from online stores. It was able to match 4/5 designer fabrics I tried
So if you come across some fabric you can't identify, this might be a way of finding out!  I thought it was kind of neat!


  1. That's AMAZING!!! I'm so downloading that!

  2. Now that would be cool, but I only have a phone that doesn't have a camera or the ability to text. So I just have to keep guessing the name of fabrics.


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