Monday, 19 August 2013


Do you instagram?  I do now!  Below is a feed of my umm.. 3 pics I've taken (instagrammed?) so far.. hoping to get more into it and have it be a venue to easily share some things between blog posts.

My instagram id is nissamade , if you would like to follow.


  1. I know online privacy is a thing of the past, but one of the reasons I DON'T Instagram, is that because since they were bought by FaceBook, their privacy policy changed. Now, just by uploading an image, you release all ownership rights to that image and allow access to all metadata contained in the image (name, location, dates, subject, etc). If Instagram wants to use your image for themselves, or sell it to make money for themselves, they can do so without your permission or knowledge. I just have a real problem with that. In fact, when FB instituted the policy, I pulled all my images off FB (as many as they would allow), stopped using the app and deleted it off my phone. It grates on me that the app is installed on my phone when I buy it whether I want it there or not.

    The only place I share images online is on Yahoo's Flickr. Their policy is that any images you upload belong to you and they cannot be used by anyone else, including them, without your consent. They simply do a better job of respecting intellectual property rights (for now).

  2. Following you on there now, looking forwards to seeing some more glimpses of your life :)


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