Monday, 30 September 2013

Building A Bag

I have started working on a bag. It's one I've had in mind for a while now, just haven't had the chance to start it. Purse Palooza started today and I'm hoping to get this bag done in time to enter it in the contest.

Things are a bit busy in our household, so I'm going to have to force myself to find the time to work on the bag.. to keep myself motivated I thought I would blog/instagram photos and share the bag taking shape..

The bag is actually inspired by a designer bag.  I'll share that inspiration bag when my bag is complete.

I selected my fabrics and hardware a few days ago.  I've had this green faux leather for a year now, and knew I wanted to use it for this particular bag.

I planned out my pattern  and created my pattern pieces..

Today I cut out my exterior and lining pieces..  I had to change my lining choices as I discovered I only had 1/2 yard of the my orginal choice above. 

I hoping to cut out my interfacing for the lining today and try and figure out if I need to stablize the faux leather or not.

I'm excited about the bag, there's a tiny bit of pleating, a hidden pocket and I'm using some new (to me) techinques.  And some awesome bag bling!

( and I apologize to my 4 Instagram followers for the repeats in photos! :)  )

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bag News

I nearly missed the fact that my blog will be turning 1 year old  in a few days!  Well, the rest of the blogging world is celebrating with with some exciting bag making events!  haha. of course none of these have anything to do me.. (Just the Sewing Summit is in my honour ...  not really)

First Maria of Mia Creates is giving away an aweseme new Sew Sweetness pattern. 

Paco Bean Patterns (who I just discovered recently) is doing a bag swap (for US sewists)

And Purse Palooza by Sew Sweetness will be starting up soon.. I'm very excited about this. Every day some awesome bloggers will be reviewing bag patterns.  There is also a contest of bag makers to enter.. I'm not sure if I'll have the time to make one in the contest's timelines but I'm going to try!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Quarter Note Clutch

Janelle of Emmaline Bags just released a new clutch pattern this week.  The pattern called the Quarter Note Clutch comes free when purchasing a large flip locks (which are awesome!) from her purse hardware store.  I recieved the pattern as soon as it was released as I had purchased some of the locks a while back.

I decided to give the pattern a try as it seemed like a quick project

I used a twist lock instead of the large flip lock, just cause I'm hoarding those faboulous flip locks. This was actually my first time installing a twist lock.. 
Pretend you don't see the crooked topstitching
I used some vinyl I won a while back. It has this crackled like finish. No interfacing was used on the exterior, the vinyl was thick enough.  In fact I was a bit worried about the thickness but my machine handled it fine.

At some point I got too confident and didn't read through all the directions.. This resulted in me forgetting to leave the hole my lining for turning through. So I unpicked that.. and I also put the pocket a tad too high which I discovered too late..

I love the end result.. quick project, cute clutch, I'm happy!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sewist Interview with ChrisW Designs!

I am so thrilled that Christine of ChrisW Designs asked me to take part in her awesome series of sewist interviews!

Hop on over to read her interview with me and also to enter a giveaway a bag pattern and hardware..

Thanks Christine for including me.. very honoured!

I've Been Featured

Friday, 6 September 2013

Recycling Purse Hardware

So a side affect of being addicted to bagmaking is having a purse hardware collection.  I have a stash of rings of all shapes, swivel hooks, magnetic snaps, purse feet, etc bought from various online stores.

But part a small portion of the stash is from the back of my closet (and my sister's closet).  Old worn out, store bought purses usually will still have some hardware that you can salvage... here are a few items I have saved from old bags.

Interesting twist lock and awesome D rings

Tublar handles with rings

Wallet/Clutch closure with flip lock and bag handle

And see this bag I'm currently using.. it's a interesting bag, that can be worn several ways by folding the bag and attached handles at different spots..

Well,when this bag bites the dust, I'll be able to get 20 D-rings, 2 swivel hooks, a pair of handles with swivel hooks attached and an adjustable strap with swivel hooks. There are also a few magnetic snaps but not sure if those are salvageable due to the way they are installed

There's also other places to get purse hardware.. I have a pair of cargo pants with quite a few d rings.. I also have a purse in mind using a piece from a photo frame.. hopefully something I'll be sharing later...

Monday, 2 September 2013

Modified Dawn to Dusk backpack

So my son is starting kindergarten tomorrow. Of course I wanted to make him a backpack to use. 

ChrisW Designs released an awesome backpack pattern called the Dawn to Dusk backpack a few months ago and I excitedly bought it. 

Modfied Dusk to Dawn Backpack
Then I went for an info session at the school and the teachers had some requirements for the kid's bags.  The main thing was the size - they suggested a full size backpack which I would never think a 4 year old would need. But it needed to hold their lunch and library books which could be big.  They also asked the bags be simple so the kids could put their stuff in and out quickly

So I decided to make a few modfications to the pattern.  First I omitted the flaps and buckles to keep the bag very simple. I know, I know.. booooring.. but simple!

 I added elastic to the side pockets so his drink bottle could be secure.

I think the bag is smaller than a normal full size backpack so I increased the size of the outside zipper pocket and  I am hoping that his lunch and snacks can be carried in there most of the time.  I also omitted the pen pockets.

Front zipper pocket
I also added loop in the front to hook an insulated lunch back for times when it doesn't fit in the pocket. I don't think I got a good photo of it, it's just a loop of webbing on the top front.

Extra large zipper pocket

The exterior is a laminated fabric. It was my first time working with it and I couldn't have done it without my trusty walking foot.  I couldn't use my zipper foot. Luckily I had extra long zippers so was able to move the pull completely out the way and set my needle to the left or the right to get close to the zipper.  I also could only stitch with the laminated side right side up for topstitching.  I was lazy and didn't try other tricks like machine oil or tape on the foot.

I was able to interface the laminated fabric using a press cloth.  I was pleased with how my heavy weight interfacing worked with the laminate. I used fleece and interfacing on the front, back and bottom and only interface on the sides.

The interior was an outdoor fabric I found at my local fabric store.  I thought it worked well with the superhero exterior.

Inside out - large elastized pocket
Inside out - zipper pocket on other side.
So ChrisW Bag Patterns.. wow.. so, so detailed and thorough. I LOVE that her pattern pieces included nearly every piece even the retangular pieces and seperate pattern pieces for the fleece interfacing that needed to exclude seam allowance.  Less thinking for me!  I also learned some new things from doing this bag which is great.

Now let's all hope the kid can fit all those important things a 4 year old needs into the bag!

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