Friday, 13 September 2013

Quarter Note Clutch

Janelle of Emmaline Bags just released a new clutch pattern this week.  The pattern called the Quarter Note Clutch comes free when purchasing a large flip locks (which are awesome!) from her purse hardware store.  I recieved the pattern as soon as it was released as I had purchased some of the locks a while back.

I decided to give the pattern a try as it seemed like a quick project

I used a twist lock instead of the large flip lock, just cause I'm hoarding those faboulous flip locks. This was actually my first time installing a twist lock.. 
Pretend you don't see the crooked topstitching
I used some vinyl I won a while back. It has this crackled like finish. No interfacing was used on the exterior, the vinyl was thick enough.  In fact I was a bit worried about the thickness but my machine handled it fine.

At some point I got too confident and didn't read through all the directions.. This resulted in me forgetting to leave the hole my lining for turning through. So I unpicked that.. and I also put the pocket a tad too high which I discovered too late..

I love the end result.. quick project, cute clutch, I'm happy!


  1. It's a great clutch and no, I didn't see any crooked topstitching. There was a lot more graphic images in this pattern and a not as many photos. Mainly because I didn't take any, ;) I'm wondering how you felt about that. Did they make good sense to you? Janelle

  2. You did a nice job!!!!!
    I love it :)
    Marisa from

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