Friday, 6 September 2013

Recycling Purse Hardware

So a side affect of being addicted to bagmaking is having a purse hardware collection.  I have a stash of rings of all shapes, swivel hooks, magnetic snaps, purse feet, etc bought from various online stores.

But part a small portion of the stash is from the back of my closet (and my sister's closet).  Old worn out, store bought purses usually will still have some hardware that you can salvage... here are a few items I have saved from old bags.

Interesting twist lock and awesome D rings

Tublar handles with rings

Wallet/Clutch closure with flip lock and bag handle

And see this bag I'm currently using.. it's a interesting bag, that can be worn several ways by folding the bag and attached handles at different spots..

Well,when this bag bites the dust, I'll be able to get 20 D-rings, 2 swivel hooks, a pair of handles with swivel hooks attached and an adjustable strap with swivel hooks. There are also a few magnetic snaps but not sure if those are salvageable due to the way they are installed

There's also other places to get purse hardware.. I have a pair of cargo pants with quite a few d rings.. I also have a purse in mind using a piece from a photo frame.. hopefully something I'll be sharing later...


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