Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Building a Bag - Part 2

So I worked a bit on the bag I'm working on for Purse Palooza

I decided to work on the front which I broke into 3 parts.  The 3 parts are sewn together with a small pleat between each piece and there's hidden pocket behind one pleat.

Here is a photo of the pieces cut. The middle 3 pieces are what I worked on today.

 I attached a zipper to create a veritcal zipper pocket. The pocket lining is attachd to the zipper as well.

 Zipper was then hidden behind a small pleat.  My tutorial on how to do this is here

Attached bag bling purchased from Emmaline Bags
Dry fitted the other side also with a small pleat. The left side is not sewn yet, I had to stop working on the bag for the day.. boo to responsibilities..
 I have to attach the base and collar and this side will be done.  I might add some backing, haven't decide yet. 
The back of the bag is the same without the zipper pocket so should be easy to put together. Maybe tomorrow!



  1. Hi Nissa, I'm following the steps during the construction of your bag with interest, I really like the fabric you have chosen for the exterior and the lining of your bag, you are doing a nice job, I can not wait to see the next steps!!!!
    Marisa from

  2. Nice bling Nerissa, wink wink! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Good luck with Purse Palooza!

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