Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Building a Bag - Part 5

More progress pics of my bag. (Secret - the bag is done, but still need to take photos)

Exterior and Lining sewn. 

Nearly done.. I had a few challenges at this point. That zipper closure is now recessed, due to the thickness I was unable to sew around the corners. I secured those points with rivets which I'll discuss later.

Handles in contructions.. Using the awesome tutorial by Emmaline Bags.

Now here was where I hit a stumbling block.. I couldn't figure out how to sew these handles on.  In the end I just used rivets to secure them.  That top rivet also secures the top where I couldn't sew around the corner seam.

And here is also where I made my big mistake.. I wanted those handle tabs right in the middle.. so I installed the rivets right on the side seam.. so of course the hole broke the thread and started unravelling.. eek.. luckily I left the lining opening unclosed, so was able go in and restitch around the holes.  On the other side I installed them slightly of center. Cause I didn't know what else to do..

I also wanted to make a crossbody strap, but since I installed that top rivet on the handle, it doesn't fold using a crossbody strap would be awkward with the handle upright and I decided to forgo it.

I reused a zipper pull to highlight the hidden zipper pocket in the front..

My next post I'll post photos and the final bag and show you the bag that inspired this. You can tell me if I did well recreating it! 

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