Sunday, 5 January 2014

My Necessary Clutch Wallet!

I just finished my first sewing project of the year and boy do I love it!  I had purchased the Necessary Clutch Wallet pattern from Emmaline Bags a while back.  It looked like a great little wallet.  The only wallet I've tried before was my own design and a complete fail and since then I never even thought about trying a wallet again.  But I was intrigued by Janelle's design and the function of her wallet/clutch. 

I hadn't had the chance to try the pattern until last week.  I came across a Facebook group dedicated to this pattern and once I saw all the lovely versions being created I decided I need to try it out.. and straight away.


I choose to use faux leather I have in my stash for the exterior.  Both the red and black are very thin and I had no problem working with it.  I used my walking foot as usual.

Now this pattern is AWESOME.  That interior has 12 card slots - 6 in the front and 6 in the back. Behind each set of slots in a large pocket for cash or receipts or lottery tickets (my preference). There are 3 roomy compartments and a zipper pocket. 

Here is another pic with contents.  It's hard to see but my smart phone is also in there in the rightmost compartment

The wallet comes together so well. My only issue I came across was when I made the zipper pocket. I got sloppy and didn't keep to the seam allowance, which made it a bit short and had thick zipper ends at the edge that I would have had to sew into the sides. I redid that part and use tabs at the ends to make sure the zipper was away from the side seams.

Oh and I forgot two things while constucting..  the loops for an attachable wrist or shoulder strap.  Booo.. would have loved to have the wrist strap.

I also forgot to attached my custom tag that my husband made for me.  I had sewn up the exterior and lining when I realized.. Determined to get it on, I careful used a blade to slowly scratch in two slits in just the exterior and was able slip the tag prongs in and bend them to secure. Phew! I had to forgo the washer so it's a tiny bit loose but at least it's on!

As you can see the tag is quite large.  I usually make bigger bags so my husband choose a bigger size..

I am so thrilled with the clutch.  I was expecting more issues since it does look like a complicated piece but I was happy when it went quite smoothly. I would definitely recommend the pattern!


  1. Looks gorgeous! Fabulous work. I am so thrilled that you chose my pattern, Nerissa. I love the bag label too! j

  2. Gorgeous! Do I see matching shoes behind them? Even the lining fabric is awesome. And your tag is great too. I own the first NCW I made and everytime I open it I feel proud of it. You'll see what I mean when you start using yours.

  3. Love your version of this gorgeous purse and I adore you bag labels.

  4. Gorgeous work! What more can i say! LOL

  5. Hi Nissa, I'm glad to see your version of this Clutch Wallet, it's beautiful! I really like the design and you have done a beautiful job. Thanks for the links to the facebook group and The Necessary Clutch Wallet ePattern. Thanks for letting me discover a beautiful pattern, maybe I will try to make one, one thing is sure, you've given me inspiration.
    The year just begun so I want to wish you a beautiful and creative 2014.
    PS: I love your custom tags , they look gorgeous :)
    Marisa from

  6. Really great wallet. That faux leather looks so buttery.


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