Monday, 17 February 2014

Butterfly Sling Bag!

I just completed making a  Butterfly Sling Bag.  The pattern is by Emmaline Bags and part of the Bag of the Month Club

I was very excited when I saw the pattern arrive in my email on Febuary 1st.  A very orginal design and well written pattern!

I used a brown suede like fabric I had in my stash.  I originally wanted to use a gray faux suede but didn't have matching zippers.  The zippers are long pull ones which I think gives them a nice, substantial look and feel.

Between the zipper compartments there is a zipper pocket and and slip pocket (which can't be seen in this photo.  The pattern is also includes a id window pocket but I didn't have any clear vinyl so forgo that. 

You can flip down the front zipper compartment.  The id window would have been right under the zipper pocket.  I added a small flap with a heavy duty snap. That pocket would be used for a phone and the flap insures it wouldn't slip out when opened this way.  I likely won't need to open it up though, since both the zipper pocket and slip pocket are accessible when the bag is folder together.

And can I tell you that I really, really dislike snaps.  I have a plier-like tool to install them. I still had to go through 3 attempts and wasted snaps,to get one properly installed on.

Inside each zippered compartments is 6 card slots. So lots of built in storage.

I attached the adjustable strap with swivel hooks as I wanted to be able to switch out the strap for a wristlet strap.  It's would be an oversized wristlet but I can see myself throwing it into a bigger bag when traveling  and having the wristlet option handy.

So there you have it.. my February bag.. I haven't made up the January bag yet. I couldn't find fabric I wanted to use for it in my stash and I'm determined to dwindle down my stash before buying some more.


  1. Wow, wow, wow! you have made it in suede. I saw the picture come up and I was like "no she didn't!!!" Very happy to see this. I am going to send a link to this to a customer that wants a tab over her phone pocket too. Great addition and great photos!!

    Thank you!! Janelle

  2. I love your choice of fabric, it looks amazing. It was such a great pattern. I need to make up a few more.

  3. Very nice! The snapped tab over the phone pocket is a great idea.

  4. Your bag turned out beautifully--the suede is a wonderful option.

  5. Your bag is beautiful. I was wanting to make it with a thicker fabric than cotton so glad to see yours turned out fine. I love this design too and can't wait to find some time to make it as well as the January bag.

  6. Great job Nerissa! :) Suede suits it perfectly!

  7. Love it! Such a clever design and it looks great in suede!

  8. This was a fun bag to make wasn't, it? Your bag looks so soft in the suede-like fabric too.

  9. Great job! It looks very professional. After I finished mine I thought about a tab on the cellphone pocket but it was too late. Great addition.


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