Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Vinyl Art

Wow, it's April.  I had blog-less March.  And not much sewing.  I did however use my Cameo cutting machine for a few wall art projects.

First for my son's play room, a series of super hero canvas.

My son painted the canvas the background colour.  I cut the images out of various colours of vinyl using my silhouette machine.  I used transfer paper to apply the vinyl to the canvas.  Pretty straight forward. The only slightly complicated part of was the Batman with multiple colours.   I had to apply each colour separately so just had to make sure spacing etc was ok.

My other project is something I really love..

Each of the 6 canvas was painted blue or red and the white is vinyl. 

This was more complicated as I had to break up the map into 12x12 pieces. Applying the vinyl so it everything lined up was a bit tricky but not too difficult at all..

I love the aqua and red colour combo.  I've been seeing it in a lot of fabric.  This is now up in my new sewing/craft space that I will share sometime soon.  Just waiting for my husband to put some finishing touches.

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