Monday, 21 July 2014

Totes Ma Tote Bag

My oh my.. so many months since my last post and much too long since my last bag!! Time is just getting away from me..

I was very happy to test a new bag from Emmaline Bags in June.  The pattern was released early this month. It's called the Totes Ma Tote.  A fun name for a fun bag!

My version:

The bag has some lovely details.. I love the side accents.

I used a cotton canvas for the exterior, with a vinyl for accents. I choose to do the base of the bag in the accent fabric.

The vinyl got quite thick and the straps were a bit of a challenge.  I had to leave the short ends unfinished and used rivets to secure the straps as I couldn't get through 2 layers of straps.

I love the grommets on the bag.  But cutting the holes for them was a bit nerve wracking! The buckles give the straps some extra bling.  The pattern had instructions for adding multiple buckle holes with eyelets.  I just did one hole and forgo the eyelets. With the vinyl the hole the punch made was nice and clean.. and I didn't have eyelets.. :)

The top has a zipper closure to keep your valuable neice and secure.

Instead there is a large pocket that is secured with small flap with a magnetic flap.  There is also a zipper pocket and slip pockets.

I love how the bag turned out! Its a roomy, functional, good looking bag. The hardware and details make it very professional.  And if you are looking for the hardware Janelle does sell them in kits or separately in her store.  

And it's been the year of Emmaline Bags on nissaMade. The 3 bags I've made this year have all been Emmaline Patterns!  So YAY for that.. but booo to only making 3 bags.. hope to fit some more in the next half of the year.


  1. gorgeous bag! Well it's only July, so you can still sew up a storm! There is plenty of time for more, but thanks for sewing from my patterns too! Janelle

  2. Your bag turned out very cute. Nicely done!

  3. I love the fabric you chose, and you did an awesome job!

  4. Great job! Adorable and professional looking =)

  5. Love your version. Fun bag to make, isn't it? I keep saying that I don't use enough blue fabric.


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